RF Test & Measurement Expertise

Our historically established protocols and processes allows us to quickly Design, Develop, and Implement (DDI) complete RF test setups with high measurement accuracy/repeatability for use in both engineering and production environments.

Industry Leading ICT Experts

Solution Sources utilizes today's industry leading In Circuit Test Platforms with our cutting edge software and fixture development to verify that all the required parts and components on the board are correctly installed. A good ICT solution lowers both test time, increases yields, and secures your company's brand image by thoroughly testing your product.

Functional Test & System Integration Testing

Ensure that your brand gets a boost and your launch budget doesn’t get blown. Maximize the probability of a successful launch by using functional test to identify and eliminate system failures, field returns and associated headaches.

Boundary Scan

Whether on the bench, or integrated into In Circuit Test or Functional Test, boundary scan can easily verify that processor-based boards power up correctly, verify compliance pins, and verify the scan chain is connected properly. Learn more about how Boundary Scan can help save funds in engineering and field repair time while protecting your product quality image with your customers here.

Design For Testability

When designing complex boards with hundreds or thousands of test points, it is useful to have a Design for Testability review. Given the possibility of 50, 500 or 8,000 nets on a single board – connectivity- or test-points must be accessible and live. Solution Sources has pioneered three different DFT's that cater to your application - whether it be simple, complex, or even a customer report for Bench Level Boundary Scan purposes.

Providing worldwide manufacturing test solutions

Solution Sources can help you successfully start and transition a stable program offshore and reduce the common headaches (and mistakes!) customers regularly face. We have strategic partnerships in various parts of the world and also offers “hybrid” solutions with a mix of domestic and offshore testing and program management that can reduce both lead time and overall cost. Destinations include China, Malaysia, Mexico, India, and Europe.

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